Issa Inauguration!

"Beyond" by Daft Punk


Beyond dreams 

Beyond life 

You will find your song 

Before sounds to be found 

Close your eyes and rise 

Higher still endless thrill 

To the land of love beyond love 

Come alive and you'll find 

Forever watching you alive 

You are the night you are the ocean 

You are the light behind the cloud 

You are the end and the beginning 

A world where time is not allowed 

There's no such thing as competition 

To find our way we lose control 

Remember love's our only mission 

This is the journey of the soul 

The perfect song is framed with silence 

It speaks of places never seen 

You hold your promise long forgotten 

It is the birthplace of your dreams 

Written by: Chris "Kazz" Casewell, Paul Williams, Guy Manuel Homem Christo and Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk


What’s up Soulstars! It’s your boy Sean B aka Dr. Songwriter. Welcome to the inauguration of THE SOULSTAR SUITE! A huge THANK YOU for taking time out your day to join me on this ever-evolving journey 🙏🏾. So many feelings connected to this moment, but gratitude trumps them all! 

You may wonder, “why did he start his blog with lyrics from a song?” Well, as a pharmacist and artist - PharmArtist (you may hear this term quite a bit) - I like to explore the correlation of medicine and music because I truly believe that music is medicine! We all have experienced the impact of music and how it makes us feel in some form or fashion. From the “Knuck If You Buck” adrenaline rush that makes you want to square up for absolutely no reason, to the let-me-get-my-life-together impact of “Man In The Mirror,” to the cleansing sensations of hearing ocean waves rush to the shore or raindrops dancing on the window pane, music undoubtedly moves us. And as a songwriter, lyrics are important to me as they have their own way of storytelling and connecting people in unique ways. So what better way to jumpstart my blogs and connect with you all than through…(drum roll please)...LYRICS! This also gives me the opportunity to credit awesome artists/songwriters, introduce you to some of the music that inspires my creative process, and perhaps even win these artists a few new fans!

Daft Punk is a French electronic music duo formed in Paris in 1993 by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. Their song, “Beyond,” is very special to me. Clothed in cosmic poetic lyrics and a disco groove that I can have on repeat until sunrise, this song is the embodiment of where I am now creatively and in life. I’m sure more of my back story will be told as THE SOULSTAR SUITE blog evolves. But for now, know that I’ve had my share of wins, lessons, frustrations, second guessing, gratitude, confusion...quite a smorgasbord upon which I’ve feasted throughout the years. And I’d venture to believe that I haven’t been the only person eating at that table. But through it all, I’ve still been able to hold on tightly to my dreams. It’s through my dreams, faith, fortitude, and support that I’ve been able to morph into the light force I am today. It’s by the aforementioned that, through the fog of uncertainty, I’m now able to represent my profession and passion well.

Medicine and music are both woven into the double helix of my DNA. As a child, I’d always play doctor on anyone within reach. I’d also impersonate entertainers like Michael Jackson and perform for whoever was willing to pay me any attention lol. Being the doctor and the entertainer made me feel good. There was something about it that was liberating. This still reigns true. And to realize the impact that embracing life at the intersection of medicine and music has had on others gives my life, and this platform, even more meaning.

So as I begin this aspect of my journey, I write these blogs with no intent other than to share stories with you. An open journal. One of freedom. Some entries may be deep. Some shallow. Some even a summation of jumbled thoughts. But all in all, they’re an extension of me that I’ve chosen to share in this safe space for this creative mind. I’m sure it will evolve just as I anticipate doing the same. So please, take it for what it is. And in the words of the great Erykah Badu, “Keep in mind that I’m an artist...and I’m sensitive about my ____!” K? K.

Again, welcome to THE SOULSTAR SUITE, Soulstars! More news and chats coming soon. In the meantime, check out the songs and sounds from today’s blog using the links below. The “Ocean Waves” track is very calming. I use it and it’s variations quite often in times of Zen. You may find it to be very useful during these next few weeks… 

Until next time, much love! 

Sean B


Songs mentioned in today’s SOULSTAR SUITE: 

Beyond - Daft Punk 

Knuck If You Buck - Crime Mob 

Man In The Mirror - Michael Jackson 

Ocean Waves

Tyrone (Live) - Erykah Badu

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